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The key to my heart.

by on February 7, 2013

2013-02-07 15.19.12

It doesn’t take much for a place to worm its way into my heart and onto my list of favorite reading spots.

For those looking for a spot on that list, here are the criteria on which I will judge you (in the nice kind of way, not the judgmental prick kind):

  1. Let there be light. You must have windows, the bigger they are, the higher you are likely to end up on my list. Natural light is best for reading and gentlest on your eyes, so even on those gloomy, grey, rainy days, there should still be enough light to brighten up the written words. If the windows can open and let in a cool summer breeze won’t hurt your chances.
  2. The Big Comfy Couch. You must have, in your possession, a comfortable chair, or better yet a soft couch of some kind. So soft that when I sit down on it, I feel like a child again, sitting in my mother’s lap whilst she reads to me.
  3. Mind  Your Odor. This is kind of a no-brainer. If you smell bad, I ain’t stayin’. If you emit a pleasant odor but in too heavy an amount, you are making me feel like that awful time when I was stuck in an elevator for 5 floors with a lady who smelled like she showered in perfume. It took 3 washes to get that smell out of my clothes and a few more to suppress it from my conscious memories. Mind my personal space! A tinge of sweetness is all it takes. Something to keep mind is that my favorite scents are lavender, ocean breeze and fresh linen. But if you could have enough room for shelves upon shelves of books, that would make my favorite smell of all, the smell of the written word.
  4. A Place for Tea. Of course, it can’t just a room with nothing but a couch. Where am I to put my tea or coffee which always accompanies me on a reading adventure? A nice little coffee table where I can have several books piled up and a few scattered, plus my tea and sugar, will be most appreciated.
  5. Black hole of Time. When I am with you, I want to feel like the world has melted away. So no distracting sounds, no horrendous creatures (bugs) and a lockable door.

And that my fellow contestants are the 5 ways to my heart. A fireplace for the cold winter months and a room with a view through those big windows are bonuses that will nearly guarantee your success in this competition.

Good luck hunting!

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