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Book 4: The Fault in Our Stars (By John Green)

by on May 15, 2013

Title: The Fault in Our Stars

Author: John Green

Genre: YA, Romance

Apples: 9/10

Summary: A story of when Hazel Grace met Augustus Waters, and, like all great loves, how it changed everything in their lives. It is a recounting of this young star-crossed romance through the eyes of Hazel with witty remarks, intelligent thought, and a depth far beyond her age.

The Good: At several points in the latter half of the book, my face was marred with tears but I was laughing. It was so conflicting and emotional and satisfying, to be able to cry and laugh at the same time and feel those two usually opposing emotions simultaneously. Therein lies the beauty and genius of this book. The language isn’t complicated, it’s written from a teenager’s perspective, albeit a very intelligent, quirky, and eluqoent teenager, but a teenager nonetheless. And yet, in its simplicity, it invokes such marvellous reactions. I laughed throughout the first half of the book, and then, one sentence provoked wave after wave of tears. Just like that. But the humour never faded. And the honesty, sometimes brutal and almost cruel, about cancer and death was refreshing. There’s none of that obligatory glorification of people fighting or killed by cancer. It’s just about two kids, living their lives, who just happens to have cancer. It’s about them, not them with cancer. Absolutely transforming.

The Rotten: You seriously do not want to read it in public, because having a fight between sobs and laughter will only make you appear even more dangerously insane to others. Plus, you won’t be able to carry around all the tissue you’ll need to try and soak up all those tears and to blow your mucus-filled nose in.

Best Enjoyed: Surrounded by boxes of tissue, wrapped in a nice fluffy comforter, and snuggled comfortably with your favourite plushie. You will need all these comforts when confronted with those floods of tears and laughter.

Fate of the book: Trapped in my kindle.


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