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And Then There was One.

by on May 22, 2013

2013-01-14 15.49.03

Location: Oyama  Cape, Aki-gun, Kochi prefecture, Japan

Even in the rural-est of Japan, you will find nudged in rocks, under bridges, over rocky beaches the cutest little coffee shops there ever was.

After 6 months here in wild, wild Kochi just off of the Japanese Pacific, I have found one of these elusive cafes. It is wedged into the big boulders of a cape, its windows open up to the beautiful Pacific blue, and its employees a family of four.

It was love at first sight.

Order a cup of steaming hot latte, sit down in one of its 4 tables and enjoy the view.

I discovered it on a sunny, but very windy afternoon while poking around the cape trying to snap a good picture of the turbulent ocean. Being extremely Japanese-handicapped, I was shy at first to go in by myself. What if they don’t welcome foreigners (some Japanese restaurants and hot springs prefer not to deal with English-babbling newcomers)? What if they don’t understand me? What if they give me the stink-eye for spending more than 2 hours there but only ordering a latte the entire time?

But being in a foreign country has a magical way of making even the shiest person step out of their seashells. After all, how else will you experience the splendid culture and people around you if all you do is be a pretentious pearl sitting in your high-up shell?

So I took a chance, took a deep breath, took my shoes off, and opened the door.

I have no regrets.

It has since become one of my favorite reading spots.


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