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I Rate

This probably should have been put up first, but I’ve only recently started developing it, now having several books to base my ratings off of.

I am by no means even nearly a good reader/reviewer, even if I’ve developed an amateur system. But everyone is entitled to his/her non-aggressive opinions, and my book reviews aren’t usually very aggressive-bordering-on-dangerous, so I feel legitimate enough to post them.

First off, this system by no means apply to anyone else who contribute their reviews on this blog.

Secondly, this is still a work-in-progress. Amateur, I know.

Thirdly, my rating system is out of 5 stars.


2013-06-27 12.29.52

  1. One star for good plot or storyline
  2. One star for dynamic, rounded, memorable character(s)
  3. One star for amazing lessons/philosophy/values
  4. One star for exceptional writing
  5. Last star for the je-ne-sais-quoi, the WOW-factor, that star-quality. (So much feels! I couldn’t put the book down!)



  1. One star for fascinating, novel facts
  2. One star for professional, objective presentation of those facts
  3. One star for engaging delivery of those facts
  4. One star for passion that shines through the pages
  5. One star for changing my entire view on life
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